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Prof. A. K. Dubey, visiting professor published book “Understanding an Orogenic Belt: Structural Evolution of Himalaya” from Springer Verlog.

Mr Akshay Anand, won three medals Gold, Silver and Bronze in the 13th Uttrakhand State Shooting Championship

Mr Harsh Sahani, student Petroleum Engineering won the College Edition Award ( by DiscoverE who presents this award to honor up-and-coming engineers (under 30 years old), who are making their mark on their industry. This highly coveted award is recognized as a top honor for young engineers by their peers in the engineering community.



Tushar Pahwa, Priyanka Rawat, and Arjit Basu won Best Paper Presentation Award for presenting paper “Polymer Flooding Technology” in a Tech Invent at Chandigarh University in 2016.

Priyanka Rawat, Shweta Kumari and Tushar Pahwa selected in a Canadian company CGI
Mr. Kabir Pant qualiy GATE 2017 Examination in Petroleum Engineering