GEU Campus Top View


The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences   set up in 2016 has three disciplines under its aegis; namely Psychology, Economics and Political Science. The department emphasizes upon flexible and multiple education goals. Our curriculum allows students study the core subjects of their chosen domain as well as interdisciplinary course. The objective is to sensitize their understanding and analytical abilities towards issues, of contemporary politics, economics, and psychology, communication skills.
The department has following facilities for smooth conduct:

Well qualified and experienced Faculty

With ten faculty members working  across the disciplines of economics, psychology, political science.  Communication skills, Environment Studies,  Career Development Studies, Public Administration, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offer the  students the best academic experiences.  The faculty combine rigour with variety in both teaching and learning, which is a legacy bequeathed  by Graphic Era  tradition of over two decades .


Psychology Lab

For conducting experiment in the field of Psychology the Department has a well equipped lab structure. The lab has national and international psychometric and psychological tools and all the required materials for conducting various experiments and the latest facilities for behavioral research.


Conference Rooms

The department has a centrally air-conditioned conference room that has the capacity to accommodate 40 persons. The conference room has Projector and is well furnished.



The classrooms are fitted with high-Quality Audio Visual Equipment with overhead LCD projectors creating a platform for trainers to deliver high quality and informative lectures and presentations. Students also use the same facility during the presentation of Term Seminars and thereby develop skills that are superlative among their peer groups.


Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

The campus is fully WI-Fi enabled. Wireless and wired internet access are provided through 24*7, 2Gbps internet access. This allows learning to move outside the classroom discuss. It helps to maintain a wire-free campus area with access to the secured internet for students as well as faculty. All course disciplines offer IT applications as a part of their curriculum. The widespread access points allow for hassle free internet in libraries, labs and in your favorite hideaways in the campus. All the devices are MAC bound for enhanced security.


Library: The department has very well stocked library for all subjects

Facilities for co curricular and extracurricular activity
The university also offers a wide range of Facilities for Co curricular and extracurricular activity. These facilities come to the students as platforms for peer group interaction through various clubs such as Automobile Club, Software Club, Speaker’s Club, Eco Club, Quiz Club, Scrabble Club, Dance Club, Photography Club, Music Club, Mountaineering And Trekking Club, Wildlife Club, Web Designing Club, GEU Film Society, The Philately Club, NSS, NCC Etc. The university conducts annual Fest where in each of these clubs invite participation from all the students of the university in various contests.


Facilities for Sports

The Graphic Era  Deemed to be University  has facilities for both the outdoor and indoor sports, the University team has participated and won several state level and inter collegiate tournaments. The sports in which the students are engaged are Cricket, Football, Volley Ball, Throw ball, Basket ball, Athletics. The University has exclusive High Tech Gym for both Boys and Girls.